1. A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders

  2. A Concise Review of Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer

  3. A research handbook for patient and public involvement researchers

  4. A Roadmap of Biomedical Engineers and Milestones

  5. Advanced Plasma Spray Applications

  6. Advances in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

  7. Advances in Hemodiafiltration

  8. Advances in Pharma Business Management and Research

  9. Advances in the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke

  10. Aging between Participation and Simulation

  11. Aging Well

  12. An Equal Burden

  13. Anxiety Disorders - From Childhood to Adulthood

  14. Arts and Health Promotion

  15. Aspects in Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

  16. Aspects in Dialysis

  17. Assistive and Rehabilitation Engineering

  18. Autism - Paradigms, Recent Research and Clinical Applications

  19. Autism Spectrum Disorder - Recent Advances

  20. Background and Management of Muscular Atrophy

  21. Bacterial NanoCellulose

  22. Bacterial NanoCellulose

  23. Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Manual

  24. Bedside and Community: 50 Years of Contributions to the Health of Albertans by the University of Calgary

  25. Bioimage Data Analysis Workflows

  26. Biomechanics in Applications

  27. Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

  28. Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

  29. Biomedical Tissue Culture

  30. BioMEMS

  31. BioMEMS

  32. Bone Regeneration

  33. Brain and Human Body Modeling

  34. Brain and Human Body Modeling 2020

  35. Breast Cancer

  36. Breast Cancer

  37. Breast Cancer

  38. Breast Cancer

  39. Breast Cancer Biology

  40. Cardiac Diseases and Interventions in 21st Century

  41. Care at a Distance

  42. Care Home Stories

  43. Care in Healthcare

  44. Care in Healthcare: Reflections on Theory and Practice

  45. Caring and Curing

  46. Cells and Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine

  47. Centring Human Connections in the Education of Health Professionals

  48. Challenges in Elder Care

  49. Clinical Implementation of Bone Regeneration and Maintenance

  50. Clinical Medicine for Healthcare and Sustainability

  51. Clinical Pathways in Stroke Rehabilitation

  52. Colonial Caring

  53. Confronting Child Sexual Abuse

  54. Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions

  55. Current and Future Aspects of Nanomedicine

  56. Current Basic and Pathological Approaches to the Function of Muscle Cells and Tissues

  57. Current Topics in Faecal Incontinence

  58. Current Treatment of Cleft Lip and Palate

  59. Dietary Polyphenols and Human Health

  60. Disposable Bioprocessing Systems

  61. Documenting Death

  62. Drug-Acceptor Interactions

  63. Eating Disorders and Obesity: The Challenge for Our Times

  64. Educating the Global Workforce for Public Health

  65. Effective Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders for Racial and Ethnic Minorities

  66. eHealth and Remote Monitoring

  67. Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems

  68. Emergencies and Public Health Crisis Management- Current Perspectives on Risks and Multiagency Collaboration

  69. Emerging Threats of Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

  70. Empathy - An Evidence-based Interdisciplinary Perspective

  71. Enhancing Capacity of Healthcare Scholars and professionals in Responding to the Global Health Issues

  72. Epileptic Seizures and the EEG

  73. Epileptic Seizures and the EEG

  74. Euthanasia: Searching for the Full Story

  75. Evidence-Based Practices to Reduce Falls and Fall-Related Injuries Among Older Adults

  76. Fragility Fracture Nursing

  77. Genocide Perspectives VI

  78. Health and Wellbeing in Late Life

  79. Health Promotion in Health Care – Vital Theories and Research

  80. Healthcare Biotechnology

  81. Highlights on Several Underestimated Topics in Palliative Care

  82. Hypoxia and Human Diseases

  83. Implementing Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Practice

  84. Improving Psychiatric Care for Older People

  85. Improving Psychiatric Care for Older People: Barbara Robb’s Campaign 1965-1975

  86. Interdisciplinary Nutritional Management and Care for Older Adults

  87. International Partnerships for Strengthening Health Care Workforce Capacity: Models of Collaborative Education

  88. Iron as Therapeutic Targets in Human Diseases Volume 1

  89. Iron as Therapeutic Targets in Human Diseases Volume 2

  90. Japan Nutrition

  91. Liver Regeneration

  92. Liver Transplantation

  93. Managing Modern Healthcare

  94. Maternal Bodies

  95. Medical Robotics

  96. Migration and Pandemics

  97. Multiscale Biomechanics and Tribology of Inorganic and Organic Systems

  98. Muscular Dystrophy

  99. Myeloid Leukemia

  100. Negotiating nursing

  101. Neonatal Medicine

  102. Neurovascular Surgery

  103. Nursing

  104. Nursing

  105. Nursing with a Message

  106. Nutritional Management and Outcomes in Malnourished Medical Inpatients

  107. Oncogene and Cancer

  108. Organising care around patients

  109. Orthogeriatrics

  110. Osteosarcoma

  111. Pain and Treatment

  112. Pain in Perspective

  113. Pain Management

  114. Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric and Surgical Issues

  115. Performing care

  116. Perioperative Considerations in Cardiac Surgery

  117. Poisoning - From Specific Toxic Agents to Novel Rapid and Simplified Techniques for Analysis

  118. Prostate Cancer

  119. Prostate Cancer

  120. Prosthesis

  121. Psychiatry and the Legacies of Eugenics

  122. Psychology of Health

  123. Public Health - Social and Behavioral Health

  124. Recent Advances in Research on the Human Placenta

  125. Recovery of Motor Function Following Spinal Cord Injury

  126. Regenerative Medicine

  127. Rehabilitation for Persistent Pain Across the Lifespan

  128. Rehabilitation Medicine

  129. Relevant topics in Eating Disorders

  130. Special Topics in Cardiac Surgery

  131. Sports, Health and Exercise Medicine

  132. Sustainable Work Ability and Aging

  133. Targeting New Pathways and Cell Death in Breast Cancer

  134. Teaching and Learning in Nursing

  135. Teaching Health Care in Virtual Space

  136. Teaching Health Professionals Online: Frameworks and Strategies

  137. Ted Freeman and the Battle for the Injured Brain: A case history of professional prejudice

  138. Textbook of Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management

  139. Textbook on Scar Management

  140. The Acute-Care Nurse Practitioner: A Transformational Journey

  141. The Comprehensive Cancer Center

  142. The European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses: Under the Auspices of EBMT

  143. The European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses: Under the Auspices of EBMT

  144. The Institutional Practice

  145. The Psychology of Becoming a Successful Worker

  146. The Rise of Mental Health Nursing

  147. Theoretical Biomechanics

  148. Tissue Engineering for Tissue and Organ Regeneration

  149. Tissue Regeneration

  150. Topics in Cancer Survivorship

  151. Touch in the Helping Professions

  152. Urinary Incontinence

  153. Using Total Worker Health® to Advance Worker Health and Safety